What Students Are Saying



"Mr. Kalanu, you are one of the best teachers I have had. I want to be like you."


Dawson, USA, 2nd grade




"Mr. Kalanu, you are the best teacher in the world and thank you for Gimli [the class pet parrot, PK]. Love, Eva."


Eva, Greece, 2nd grade




"Mr. Kalanu, I like your jokes. Love, Amy."

Amy, China, 3rd grade



"Mr. Kalanu is super cool!"


William, USA, 3rd grade




"You are the best teacher! I will miss you very much."


Karolina, Lithuania, 2nd grade




"Mr. Kalanu, I like your tricks. I wish I can be like you."


Rodolfo, Philippines, 2nd grade




"Mr. Kalanu, you're the best teacher ever. Love, Alperen."


Alperen, Turkey, 3rd grade